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Paralenz Dive Camera

Equipment BMorin COMMENTS 21 Nov, 2019

Look what's coming to ADI

Just in time for the Holiday Season!

Paralenz is Turning Black to Blue.

But Why?

Blue Friday

Paralenz Dive Camera


Out of the box & into the ocean - no extra housing or filters needed!




Uncover the true colors of the Ocean.

Your camera makes up for the colors and contrast lost from the light absorbed in water, enabling you to uncover the true colors below the surface.

Capture authentic experiences up to 4K; without extra lights or filters, distortion-free, and with an autofocus up to 7 inches.

Color Correction


Capture sharp and dynamic colors — even in low-light environments. Our automatic color correction makes extra filters redundant.




Unlock your camera's full potential with the Paralenz App. Our intelligent dive log and media library organizes all your footage neatly — and ready for final touches through our intuitive editing tool.

Paralenz App

Your camera tracks the location of your dives, and real-time depth and temperature. Watch them over and over again — all within the dive log and the integrated media library.

Paralenz is a true dive camera made for a life underwater.


Stop in to check them out for yourself!

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