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SERVICE Scuba Equipment Repair & Service

The most important thing we can tell you about ADI's Service Deparment is our technicians, they have combined, over 50 years experience prepairing and maintaining life support equipment.

We can repair equipment from the following manufacturers:

  • Scubapro (Subgear, Uwatec)
  • Aqualung (U.S. Divers, Apex, Seaquest)
  • Sherwood
  • Scubamax
VIP & Air Fill                                            Alum. $19
                                                                   Steel $16
VIP & Nitrox Fill                                     Alum. $30
                                                                   Steel $25
Hydro/VIP & Air Fill                               Alum. $42
                                                                  Steel $36
Hydro/VIP & Nitrox Fill                          Alum. $59
                                                                   Steel $53
Air to Nitrox Conversion   
                                                                   Alum. $65
                                                                   Steel $54
                                                      Alum. w/Hydro $87
                                                        Steel w/Hydro $76
Minor Clean/Tumble $14
Major Clean/Tumble $20
Clean/Lube/Repair Valve $20
Replace Burst Disc & Cap Assy $15
Regulator Clean/Lube/Adjust  
                                                    1st & 2nd Stage $53
                                                1st, 2nd & Safe 2nd $63
                                               1st, 2nd or Safe 2nd $43
BCD Inflator Service $15
BCD Insp. & Inflator Clean & Repair $38
Computer Battery Change $49
Rush Work $20
Custom Work per Hour $40

The second most important thing we can tell you is to get your equipment in early for service.

We are seasonal which means we get busy during peak diving times which can lead to longer wait times.

Visual+ and Hydrostatic Inspections are completed in-house using our Visual+ Eddy Current machine and our DOT Certified HYDROSTATIC Machine.