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Cozumel: A Unique Island In The Mexican Caribbean

Travel BMorin COMMENTS 21 Nov, 2020

Resort dive this exceptional underwater world with free nitrox. The beauty and abundant marine life of Cozumel scuba diving have been intensely documented by famous oceanographers such as Jacques Cousteau. Don´t miss out on the opportunity of experiencing these with your own eyes!

  • Iberostar Cozumel is a luxury beachfront resort with its own specialized dive center offering some of the best shark diving in Mexico
  • Discover the unique cenotes and dive with the giant whale sharks and bull sharks that are drawn to the fresh water
  • Between dives you can paddle around in a kayak, explore ancient ruins or indulge in a massage, then refuel in one of three restaurants
  • This is a true 5* experience, combining the rustic with the luxury and striking the ideal balance between adventure and relaxation

Cozumel Reef

March 20th - 27th, 2021

Iberostar, Cozumel

Off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula lies Cozumel, the “Island of the Swallows.” Cozumel has all the ingredients for a great dive getaway – friendly locals, good food, lively nightspots, towering coral formations, warm water, great underwater visibility and white sandy beaches.

Cozumel is famous among the diving community for its lush walls and high-voltage drifts. The reef system around the island is a part of the Mesoamerican reef system and is protected by the Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park. As such, it is extremely healthy for a Caribbean reef and is home to 26 coral species and more than 500 species of fish.

Cozumel is suitable for all levels of diver from beginners to Tec divers. Cozumel is currently ranked as one of the top ten places for advanced diving. This is due to the deep walls and visibility that require extra vigilance. 

The Best Dive Sites                  Download the Site Map

The Devil’s Throat – This site is best enjoyed with an experienced local divemaster. The deeper walls have whip corals spiraling out into the depths, and large black corals. There are also small, brightly colored gorgonian sea fans and sea whips, including the devil’s sea whip.

Palancar Garden – Divers of all levels will enjoy the slight-to-moderate current that carries them along while exploring the many finger coral formations here. This strip reef is about 66ft wide and dissected by many fissures and caverns. Within the many sheltered areas, divers can spot huge stovepipe sponges Palancar Gardensstretching out from the reef and black coral in the deeper areas. Fish such as juvenile yellow head wrasse hide in the deep yellow tubes at night for protection and sightings of butterflyfish, angelfish, parrotfish and damselfish are frequent.

Santa Rosa Wall – This is a high voltage drift dive along a sheer wall. The wall begins at about 50ft and the current carries divers past ledges, overhangs, massive sponges and fire coral. Divers regularly encounter large pelagic fish, turtles and spotted eagle rays.

Columbia Wall – This is a relatively remote site which divers frequently share with eagle rays, turtles and large barracuda. A healthy coral reef crowns a steep drop off, and massive coral pinnacles rise 50ft from the bottom. Nurse sharks prowl the reefs and walls, which seem to drop straight down to the infinite depths.

Cenote - During the Cenote diving excursion be prepared to recover your regulator quickly! It may fall out of your mouth in astonishment. In the middle of the Yucatan jungle there are small ponds, in which entrances have been discovered to sub- aquatic caverns, unique on the whole planet: the world famous Cenotes. The Dressel Divers Cenote dive excursions takes you diving in two of the most impressive Cenotes.

In these ponds and caverns, visibility up to 200 feet is not uncommon, giving you the impression that you Cenoteare floating in mid-air! You will see beams of sunlight penetrating the cavern shafts, creating a magic light show and also the halocline effect.  Admiring the breath taking limestone formations of these Cenote caverns is an exclusive privilege of divers vacationing in the Yucatan.

Our Cenote tour takes you diving in caverns, not caves, which have sufficient sections where access to the surface is always possible. The Cenotes can be enjoyed by certified divers with normal diving equipment configuration, as long as they are accompanied by a Dressel Divers Cenote guide, and have good buoyancy control.


Iberostar Cozumel Resort is on the south west coastline of Cozumel Island, overlooking the National Marine Park.

As proud holders of the Green Globe Ecologic Hotel Certification, this beachfront resort offers tropical gardens, clear seas and colorful guestrooms. Cozumel Property

All guestrooms include hammocks and private patios or floral balconies. Each space comes with two double beds or a king-sized bed, WiFi, air-conditioning, a safe, TV and coffee/tea making facilities. 

Kayak, play tennis, or go sailing or head to the spa for a holistic treatment. The in-house theatre hosts regular shows and cultural, historical and nature-based excursions run regularly. 


Choose from three restaurants and three bars, offering buffet and a la carte dining in an open-air or air-conditioned setting. Buffet breakfast is served daily and a variety of international and local cuisines are available for lunch and dinner. 

Cozumel Buffet

  • Open every day
  • From 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • A different cuisine every night: Mexican, Italian, Caribbean, international, etc.
  • Buffet  breakfast with a wide variety of fruits, dairy products, breads, cereals and cold cuts.
  • Casual - formal dress code. Men can wear shorts and sandals. Women can wear closed shoes or sandals. 

El Cedral Steakhouse

  • Open every day
  • Buffet  lunches of international cuisine and Mexican specialties with  show cooking. Pasta, meat and fish dishes, vegetables and salads. Theme and gala nights
  • A la carte dinners with the best cuts of meat, fish of the day and a buffet of delicatessen starters .
  • Book upon arrival at the hotel. The à la carte restaurants are included in the price.
  • Casual - formal dress code. Men can wear shorts and sandals. Women can wear closed shoes or sandals. 

Las dos Marías Mexican restaurant

  • Open every day
  • From 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
  • Fusion dinner of Mexican and American cuisine with dishes such as hamburgers, ceviches, burritos and much more served in a Mexican cantina atmosphere.
  • Snacks throughout the night
  • Reserve dinner upon arrival at the hotel. The à la carte restaurants are included in the price.
  • Casual - formal dress code. Men can wear shorts and sandals. Women can wear closed shoes or sandals. 

La Pagoda Japanese Restaurant

  • Open every day
  • From 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Asian dishes such as sushi and maki menu, coconut rice with toasted cumin and coriander, skewers of tuna with teriyaki or marinated beef rolls and peanut sauce.
  • Book upon arrival at the hotel. The à la carte restaurants are included in the price.
  • Casual - formal dress code. Men can wear shorts and sandals. Women can wear closed shoes or sandals. 

Package Details

7 Nights Accommodations

5 Days of 2 tank morning dives

4 Days of 1 tank afternoon dives

1 Night Dive

Unlimited Nitrox

All inclusive meals & drinks

Transfers to & from the airport

Roundtrip Airfare - Orlando-Cozumel

Free WiFi

Use of nonmotorized watersports

Hotel taxes




$500 Non-Refundable Deposit

Full Balance Due February 1st, 2021

Cash or Check Only!


Not Included

$10 Marine Tax

$2 Eco Tax - per day

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