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Card, Ft. Lauderdale Wreck Treck w/Fish

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The Fort Lauderdale Wreck Trek is a popular trek featuring three main wrecks: Tracey, Jay Scutti and Merci Jesus. The middle wreck of the three, the Tracey is considered the main attraction, although all three offer an interesting assemblage of marine life. The card features:

  • A 3D-rendered image of the three main wrecks in their positions in the wreck trek
  • A brief description of the wreck trek and some of the history behind each of the three main wrecks
  • Important depth information and a suggested path to assist in navigation through the wreck trail
  • Images of commonly found species in Florida to help with your identification efforts during your in-water experience
  • Ratings on the level of difficulty, current, depth, reef and fauna for the site

Dimensions: 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches
Description: Waterproof cards printed on plastic or laminated synthetic paper


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