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Beach Yoga & Cleanup

Environment BMorin COMMENTS 09 Dec, 2022

Give back to yourself and the environment!

Check the Calendar or our Facebook Event Page for Dates to join!


You may not think of yourself as a leader, but as someone who loves the underwater world, you’ve seen and experienced things most people haven’t. When you talk about the world beneath the waves, your words influence others. We all have the power to make a difference, and your passion for the marine world can be used as a force for good to inspire others to follow in your footsteps.  

The connection you have with the ocean planet… is a super-power for the ocean. By setting a good example, you can inspire people to save the ocean.

We start the morning with VERY beginner friendly yoga, you don’t have to “know” yoga to do this class. Danielle from Yogi Perogi will be guiding us in this donation-based yoga session.

All skill levels and beginners are welcome! 

Proceeds from the class will be donated to support the Marine Resources Council, which does so much to help our Indian River Lagoon. Donations can be made via Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, or cash.


Be a PADI® Torchbearer and spark change in your community; use your voice to shed light on important issues and inspire others to take action for ocean protection. Together, our collective actions can create a groundswell of positive change.


“The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It”
– Environmentalist Robert Swan, OBE

Beach cleanup right after!

With each clean up we want to break our previous record for trash collection. It'll be a great way for all age levels to give back. Grab your  family and friends, and head over to the beach! 

More than 250 million tons of plastic are estimated to make its way into our ocean by 2025.  The environmental damage caused by plastic debris alone is estimated at US$13 billion a year. Divers are often the first to witness human impact on the marine environment and are uniquely positioned to help report, remove and advocate to stop marine debris at its source. 

Want to do your part? Join PADI's My Ocean to report your citizen science data, access education tools, view and participate in conservation actions. 

Cleanup supplies, including buckets, grabbers, and gloves, will be provided.

Volunteers should come prepared with a reusable water bottle, reef-safe sunscreen, hat, rash guard and sunglasses.

Please use ocean-friendly sunscreen

We are proud to be an eco-friendly operator, and are asking you to help by not using sunscreens with any of these ingredients: oxybenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, clear zinc, or parabens. For a complete list, click here. These ingredients have been proven to hurt our reefs. You can learn more by reading this article released by NOAA. Please DO NOT trust a brand just because it claims to be ocean-friendly. Do your part to be an educated consumer, and read the ingredients on your products. We stand proudly behind options like Stream2Sea, who have developed sunscreens that are safe for our ocean.

We stock Stream2Sea in our store for your convenience and for the health of our waters. If you are not sure if your sunscreen is safe, please feel free to ask us!


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