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Dive Into Dominica

Travel BMorin COMMENTS 02 Jun, 2020

h rugged pinnacles, drop-offs, and abyss depths the Caribbean’s ‘Nature Island’ waters are a paradise for divers and best experienced via Fort Young Dive and our partnership with Dive Dominica. Dominica has long been a treasured dive destination and Fort Young, with its prime location in the country’s capital city of Roseau along the shores of the Caribbean Sea, has played host to dive travelers from around the world for more than a decade. Come and discover the nature that Dominica has to offer, above and below the water.


Fort Young Hotel

April 15th - 22nd, 2023


In the waters surrounding Dominica, you will feel like you've entered an underwater world preserved just for you. And it was. Thriving coral gardens will lead you to exciting walls and pinnacles, all thanks to ancient volcanic activity surrounding the island. Dominica is known as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean. Come with us and discover a world that is as pristine today as it was hundreds of years ago.

Diving in Dominica

Our dive sites are teeming with thriving, healthy coral reefs, and unique schools of fish, while barracudas, turtles and stingrays frequently swim through dive groups along the reef rim, causing a delightful photographic frenzy. Comprised of gnarled volcanic ledges, crevices and swim-throughs, our reefs are a refuge for a myriad of small critters considered rare in other destinations.  Reefs Dominica

Not surprisingly, the topography of our dive sites mirrors that of our diverse landscape above. High mountain peaks above create dramatic drop offs, walls, and canyons below.  Mountain passages become swim throughs and caverns. There are massive boulder fields and volcanic craters underwater just as there is above water.  Pinnacles rise up everywhere. We even have active underwater fumaroles. All dive sites have permanent moorings. 

Best Dive Sites in Dominica

*Perhaps Dominica’s best-known dive site, Champagne Reef is another reflection of the sheer raw volcanic power simmering just out of sight. In just 15 feet of shallow water, volcanic vents spew forth hot water and bubbles creating the effect of diving in champagne.

*Soufriere Pinnacles – This site consists of a series of deep-water pinnacles that drop off into the deep blue. The walls are covered in plate and whip corals with an amazing array of colorful sponges. Look up every now and then for turtles and mantas that occasionally swim by. 

* Point Break – Located where the Caribbean and the Atlantic meet on the northern tip of the island, Point Break offers a chance to see lots of large fish. There is usually a decent current at the sight, but the wall and scenery are worth the effort. Be sure to check out the swim-throughs.

* Cottage Point – Links of chain and other remnants of an 18th century wreck are scattered in shallow water. After surveying the wreck, swim around the pinnacles that are covered with color and full of invertebrate life. Seahorse Dominica

* Whale Shark Reef – This reef starts at about 60 feet and drops off to more than 130 feet. Along the nice vertical face, large barrel sponges and tube sponges are abundant and colorful corals swarm with reef fish. There is a chance to see barracudas, Spanish mackerel, and jacks swimming off the reef.

* Five Finger Rock – The site is named for rocks that looks like a hand and knuckles sticking out in the water. Look for colorful elephant ear sponges and spotted eagle rays swimming in the mild current.

Marine Life 

Our dive sites are teeming with thriving, healthy coral reefs and unique schools of fish, while barracudas, turtles and stingrays frequently swim through dive groups along the reef rim, causing a delightful Reefphotographic frenzy. Comprised of gnarled volcanic ledges, crevices and swim-throughs, our reefs are a refuge for a myriad of small critters considered rare in other destinations. Other rarer critters like batfish, Flying Gnardflying gurnards, yellow head jawfish, upside-down jellyfish and flamingo tongue snails can be found if you carefully search the reefs. 

Dominica is also well known as the Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean. The crystal blue waters feature op to 22 species of whales. Sperm whales can be seen year-round in Dominica. Found living in Dominica’s Caribbean seas are spotted and spinner dolphins. They love to show off their acrobatic talents as divers watch with astonishment.


Package Details:

7 Nights Accommodations – Oceanfront Room (Double Occupancy)

Breakfast Daily

5 Days of 2-Tank Boat Dives

Unlimited Shore Diving off Pier

Tanks, weights & dive computers

Waterfari Excursion to Trafalgar & Titou Gorge

Roundtrip Airfare from Orlando

Airport Transfers

Hotel & Departure Tax

Marine Park Fees

Unlimited Nitrox




Single Supplement $550

Non-Diver $1,750



Deposit/Cancellation Policy

Initial Deposit       $500 non-refundable

Balance due before January 9th, 2023


Cash or check only


Cancel 90 prior to departure date, refund minus the initial deposit.

Cancel after 90 days NO refund.

Fort Young Hotel

Dominica Dining

The Palisades Restaurant

Indulge in the fresh and flavorful cuisine of the Nature Island while dining al fresco at Roseau’s only seaside restaurant. Here, panoramic ocean views are paired with inventive dishes that showcase the natural bounty of the island, including locally sourced ingredients straight from nearby farms and, of course, the Caribbean Sea. Among the top-rated culinary experiences on the island, The Palisades Restaurant delivers on its reputation as the must-try Dominica dining destination. With stunning vistas of the Caribbean Sea from every table upon the terrace and Roseau’s only air-conditioned restaurant interior, The Palisades Restaurant redefines fine dining in Dominica. Palisades Resturant

Revel in a delectable array of Caribbean dishes such as locally-caught Lion Fish Bon Femme, our signature Fort Nut soup blended with carrot, ginger and callaloo coconut from our preferred island farm or, perhaps, the Char Grilled Lobster with lemon butter and seasonal greens.


Buffet Breakfast is served every day at The Palisades from 7:00am-10:00am where guests will start their day with caramel roasted coffee beans or a selection of local teas that changes daily, including local peppermint, ginger, spice tea, cacao and lemongrass, or fresh tropical fruit juices.

From freshly baked banana bread, croissants, muffins and donuts to our signature “Farmers Benedict,” with local farmers’ poached eggs served atop grilled cacao bread with steamed spinach pink velvety peppercorn hollandaise sauce, our guests will always find a traditional favorite to their liking. Or, for an energizing start to your day, try our “Power Breakfast” with a yoghurt parfait, fruits, an omelet and a smoothie.

Lunch Lunch

Buffet Lunch is served Monday through Friday at The Palisades and includes a variety of local dishes and a salad bar where our buffet attendant will whip up healthy greens and accouterments of your choice. The action station has a dynamic range of vegetarian options and will always cater to vegans or those with allergies.  The main courses change daily based on the seasonality of our local ingredients.


From BBQ Jerk Octopus to Teriyaki Glazed Salmon, Palisades Restaurant is renowned for its flavorful seafood accompanied by breathtaking panoramas of the Caribbean Sea. Steak dishes, pastas, salads and a vibrant vegetarian and vegan menu round out a complete offering with a delectably innovative dish for the entire family.

Warner's Bar Cocktails

Beneath the Palisades Restaurant, with a view to match, Warner’s Bar combines a relaxing and casual seaside setting with cocktail sophistication. Warner’s Bar’s offers five-star service and a range of menu items plus their signature cocktails, inclusive of our legendary rum punch—a prized recipe that’s always on tap.



Accommodations - Oceanfront Room

Set upon Dominica’s most storied property, Fort Young Hotel embraces a rich and soulful history that reinforces the hotel’s welcoming and homely ambiance. While the hotel first opened in 1964, the land upon which it sits dates back to 1699. Having evolved from a military fort to a central police station and, presently, a hotel, the land has been inundated with an undeniable sense of character; a colorful and cultural vibrancy that defines Fort Young Hotel.

Fort YoungAt Fort Young, serenity sweeps in with the tides, as you listen to the gentle splashing of waves rocking you to sleep. Allow Dominica to peek through every window, painting a picture of a true island sanctuary.

The Oceanfront Rooms feature breathtaking ocean views and spacious, amenitized living spaces. Several Oceanfront Rooms boast expansive balconies with sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea below.  Each featuring full baths, vast closet space, coffee makers and TVs.


Adventure Dominica Waterfalls

Dominica is famous for the abundance of hidden treasures that lie within its lush landscape, and Fort Young Hotel has a front-row seat to it all. Offering 365 rivers, deep canyons beneath overflowing rainforest, a number of high-altitude lakes and a volcanic National Park, Dominica is home to endless opportunities for adventures. Stop by Fort Young Hotel’s friendly Activities Desk or inquire before arrival to book the excursion of a lifetime. Don’t forget to pack your spirit of adventure.

Guided Tours

 Explore the storied capital on a one-hour stroll around Roseau’s Victorian buildings and craft markets or, for a more ambitious adventure, take a guided hike along the Waitukubuli National Trail, the Caribbean’s Dominicalongest consecutive walking trail. Of course, one of the most revelatory tours of the island begins right at your bedroom door, joining an island guide on a heritage walk through the historic Fort Young Hotel. Our concierge or Activities Desk representatives will be happy to curate a guided experience perfectly matched to your ambitions and abilities.


Waterfari is a unique and special activity, it combines two of Dominica’s prime sites, Ti Tou Gorge & Trafalgar Falls. There is hiking, rain-forest, swimming and opportunities for excellent photography.

Ti Tou Gorge

Considered one of the most exotic places on the island, This amazing natural wonder offers an unforgettable experience. The Ti Tou Gorge is somewhat like a small canyon with a waterfall inside. It was formed by pyroclastic flows from volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. It is fed by a lake located at 3000 feet up in the mountains. Inside the Ti Tou Gorge you will discover an exotic world all of its own making.

Trafalgar Falls TiTou Gorge

Getting to this mesmerizing natural beauty requires a 10 minute walk from the village of Trafalgar which will then bring you to the viewing platform that showcases the stupendous waterfalls. The waterfall situated to the left is popularly called Papa Falls and has a height of 38 meters (125 feet) above the surrounding area, while the one to the right is called Mama Falls with its 23 meters (75 feet) height is stronger.


Canyoning, otherwise known as canyoneering or waterfall rappelling, is one of the most fulfilling and exhilarating ways to explore the magical depths of Dominica. Descend into the island’s canyons and Canyoning discover the lush rainforest and waterfalls within the ins and outs of striking rock structures. Fort Young Hotel’s concierge is happy to arrange a canyoning adventure in which you will put on a wetsuit, harness and helmet and traverse into otherworldly nooks of the Nature Island.


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